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By Victor Perard

This instructive e-book provides very good annotated line drawings of anatomical constitution for the start artist, explaining the topic merely, deciding on elements of the physique and demonstrating sporting activities throughout the author's sketches. Chapters hide the human skeleton, head and neck, torso, arm, hand, leg, foot, and musculature. 179 black-and-white illustrations.

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In this common habit of viewing the world, we don’t really see—we use our eyes to confirm our expectations. We might call this utilitarian seeing, and we owe an ancient debt of gratitude for it—it was vital to the survival of our species and keeps us from wandering into traffic today. But it’s not so good for making art. When we get out our sketchbooks, it’s time to set aside this way of looking at things. As artists, we want look at objects, even familiar objects, as if we had never seen them before.

Your state of mind when you return to a drawing can be quite different than it was when you started it. This mix of mind-states can lead to interesting new combinations of images. It enhances fresh seeing, along with radical shifts in intentionality. Start With One Draw one person. 2 Quickly Add More Add people as they move in and out of your scene. ) Drawing Plumbing A year after the first drawing, I added more pipes and valves, this time from a building in Vermont. I like to draw pipes and plumbing fixtures.

The two little drawings in the middle are so simple that I no longer remember the originals. But I can make something new out of them. 56 Time on your hands and nothing to draw I did this drawing of my feet while on a long plane trip. It became an almost abstract exercise in drawing shapes and textures. So Ugly It’s Beautiful It’s interesting how people and objects get more attractive when you begin drawing them. This prehistoric fish in London’s Museum of Natural History looked woeful and forlorn.

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