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This booklet provides an advent to fashionable geometry. ranging from an effortless point the writer develops deep geometrical techniques, taking part in a huge position these days in modern theoretical physics. He provides numerous strategies and viewpoints, thereby displaying the family among the choice methods. on the finish of every bankruptcy feedback for extra studying are given to permit the reader to check the touched themes in larger element. This moment variation of the e-book includes extra extra complex geometric thoughts: (1) the fashionable language and smooth view of Algebraic Geometry and (2) reflect Symmetry. The booklet grew out of lecture classes. The presentation sort is accordingly just like a lecture. Graduate scholars of theoretical and mathematical physics will delight in this ebook as textbook. scholars of arithmetic who're trying to find a quick creation to a few of the elements of recent geometry and their interaction also will locate it valuable. Researchers will esteem the e-book as trustworthy reference.

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2 Differential Forms of Second Order These are sections of the second exterior power of the cotangent bundle. A local basis is given by dx ∧ dy or dz ∧ dz. They are related by dz ∧ dz = (dx + idy) ∧ (dx − idy) = −2i dx ∧ dy. With respect to this basis a 2-form ω is locally represented by functions f ω = f (z) dz ∧ dz. 2 Differential Forms of Second Order f (z) = f (z ) ∂z ∂z 49 2 . 2-forms are necessarily (1,1)-forms, because (2,0) and (0,2) forms vanish like all other higher forms. Let f ∈ E(U ), then the differential df is defined by (see above) ∂f ∂f dz + dz = ∂f + ∂f ∂z ∂z df = with ∂f := ∂f dz, ∂z ∂f := ∂f dz.

135–142. 2 Simplicial Homology Fig. 9. Identification for the sphere Fig. 10. Identification for the torus Fig. 11. Identification for a manifold of genus 2 25 26 2 Topology of Riemann Surfaces The general picture is that by increasing the genus by 1 another group −1 of four edges ak bk a−1 k bk shows up. By glueing together a 4g-gon we get the sphere with g handles attached. This is the so-called handle model of the manifold. So in fact the genus gives the number of “holes” in a Riemann surface embedded in R3 .

Let f be a meromorphic function on the complex plane. We call f doubly periodic (with respect to Γ ) if f (z + n + mτ ) = f (z), ∀n, m ∈ Z. Fig. 2. 3 Meromorphic Functions on the Torus 39 Such f defines in the obvious way an element f¯ ∈ M(T ). Vice versa, given g ∈ M(T ) we get by defining f (z) := g(z + Γ ) a function f ∈ M(C) which is doubly periodic and satisfies f¯ = g. Hence the doubly periodic meromorphic functions are the meromorphic functions on the torus. These functions are also called elliptic functions.

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