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By Eugene Hudson Long, R. G. Collmer

Covers a various variety of pursuits in American literature.

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Johnson, how he stood an hour doing penance near that church, the spire of which rose before us. "I inquired if no circumstance such as I had mentioned was known or talked about among the inhabitants. '' Just think of the absurd little town, knowing nothing of the only memorable incident which ever happened within its boundaries since the old Britons built it, this sad and lovely story, which consecrates the spot (for I found it holy to my contemplation, again, as soon as it lay behind me) in the heart of a stranger from three thousand miles over the sea!

He regretted, deeply and bitterly, the moral cowardice that had restrained his words, when he was about to disclose the truth to Dorcas; but pride, the fear of losing her affection, the dread of universal scorn, forbade him to rectify this falsehood. [X, 34849] Even though his common sense tells him that there was nothing he could have done about Roger, the "concealment had imparted to a justifiable act, much of the secret effect of guilt" and it becomes "like a serpent, gnawing into his heart" (X, 349, 350).

25 It is significant that neither Neill nor Frazer is taken as a bad man just because they are Texans, and 22William. MacLeod Raine, A Texas Ranger (New York: Grosset and Dunlop, 1910). 23William MacLeod Raine, Arizona Guns (New York: Story-Press Company, 1918). The edition used herein is the Popular Library Edition, copyright, 1947. 24Eugene Cunningham to W. H. Hutchinson, October 18, 1954 (in W. H. Hutchinson Collection, Archives, University of Texas at El Paso, Box 1, File 10); Raine, A Texas Ranger, pp.

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