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By Douglas Patterson

This examine seems to the paintings of Tarski's mentors Stanislaw Lesniewski and Tadeusz Kotarbinski, and reconsiders all the significant concerns in Tarski scholarship in gentle of the belief of Intuitionistic Formalism built: semantics, fact, paradox, logical outcome.

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1) Language as Expressive That language is a medium of expression via speakers’ intentions is, as we saw, an important doctrine in Twardowski which is worked out more thoroughly in Kotarbinski’s ´ account of direct statement. Now Tarski writes that “normally expressions are regarded as the product of human activity” and links this to the issue of nominalism [Tarski, 1983a, 174, note 2].

Le´sniewski’s account of the latter, however, accords them no particular justificatory status. Consider these remarks from an early discussion of his mereological conception of set theory: The psychic ‘sources’ of my axioms are my intuitions, which simply means, that I believe in the truth of my axioms, but I am unable to say why I believe, since I am not acquainted with the theory of causality. My axioms do not have a logical ‘source’, which simply means that these axioms do not have proofs within my system [Le´sniewski, 1992d, 130].

Those of propositions, should depend, in a correctly constructed precise language, upon the functions or the order of particular words—on the bases of certain pattens determined by general normative conventions the knowledge of which permits the correct symbolization of an object in a given language or the decoding of a symbol for a given language [Le´sniewski, 1992c, 56]. Note the use, here and elsewhere, of “decode” (odcyfrowanie [Le´sniewski, 1913, 324]) for what the reader does in understanding a symbol in accord with conventional-normative schemata.

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