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The philosophy of the humanistic sciences has been a blind-spot in analytic philosophy. This publication argues that through adopting a suitable pragmatic research of clarification and interpretation it truly is attainable to teach that clinical perform of humanistic sciences should be understood on related traces to clinical perform of average and social sciences.

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This conclusion that the subjective cannot be scientifically studied at all initially led to anti-subjectivist attitudes in psychology, such as is found in behaviourism, but nowadays it has also led to the current tendency in which man as a research subject is taken over by biology or sociology. However, there seem to be no compelling reasons to override the usual scientific practice in the humanistic study of man. The human sciences can study the subjective as long as the data about that subjectivity can be inter-subjectively corroborated.

But why the Neolithic hunters believed that they could gain power over and luck in chasing their prey by making ‘artistic’ copies or representations seems to be quite contingent and therefore unexplainable in terms of biological processes, just as the explanation of the existence of the institution of art in contemporary culture requires a very complex intentional The Naturalization of the Humanities 43 explanation with reference to human history and society. The same holds for the change of institutional taste.

Naturalization of the humanities requires that we explain cultural phenomena with due respect to their origin, namely in recognition of the fact that their origin sprung from the development of natural processes including those which embody human intentionality. In other words the point is that psychologically determined intentions (and socially/culturally determined intentions as well) are just as much the products of ‘natural’ processes as those studied in the so-called “natural” sciences. In the history of ideas, naturalization has been an issue for a long time and the application of this idea has expanded into more and more fields ever since its emergence five hundred years ago.

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