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By Juha Räikkä, Jukka Varelius

This quantity gathers jointly formerly unpublished articles targeting the connection among choice edition and autonomy in reference to human enhancement and within the end-of-life context. the worth of person autonomy is a cornerstone of liberal societies. whereas there are diversified conceptions of the concept, it's controversial that on any believable figuring out of person autonomy an independent agent must take note of the stipulations that circumscribe its activities. but it has additionally been urged that permitting one’s techniques to impact one’s personal tastes threatens autonomy. whereas this phenomenon has bought a few cognizance in different components of ethical philosophy, it has seldom been thought of in bioethics. This ebook combines for the 1st time the themes of choice version, person autonomy, and selecting to die or to reinforce human capacities in a different and complete quantity, filling a tremendous wisdom hole within the modern bioethics literature.

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If I prefer to attend Columbia rather than attending Harvard, this is a form of endorsement of my attendance at Columbia. What is essential for this account, however, is the conjecture that cognitive idealization will slough off those preferences one has that are merely adaptive or do not express the genuine values such preferences are adaptations from. Of course, this is a big conjecture. Is there any program of cognitive idealization that would guarantee that all and only non-adaptive preferences would be the result?

Merely to offer reasons that only make a brainwashed desire comprehensible to others who have been similarly brainwashed is not to be dialogically reflective. Rather, the agent’s attraction to the object of the preference must be able to be made comprehensible to others who do not share her attraction. It is plausible to suppose that someone with a brainwashed preference to take the 50-year life extension pill could make the attraction comprehensible to someone who does not desire to extend his own life through this means.

Reassessing Immortality: The Makropulos Case Revisited. J. ) The Good, the Right, Life and Death: Essays in Honor of Fred Feldman, Ashgate, Burlington VT, pp. : Autonomy or Authenticity? Commentary on Andrea Westlund’s ‘Rethinking Relational Autonomy’ and Catriona Mackenzie and Jacqui Poltera’s ‘Narrative Integration, Fragmented Selves and Autonomy. edu/sgrp 14 An earlier version of this paper was presented to the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at the University of Mississippi. I am indebted to the audience for helpful feedback.

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