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By Mizuho Yabushita

The subject of this thesis is catalytic conversion of non-food, plentiful, and renewable biomass reminiscent of cellulose and chitin to chemical compounds. In biorefinery, chemical transformation of polymers to priceless compounds has attracted around the globe curiosity for construction sustainable societies. First, the present scenario of this sizzling examine sector has been summarized good within the basic advent of the thesis, which is helping readers to familiarize yourself with this subject. subsequent, the writer explains high-yielding construction of glucose from cellulose by utilizing an alkali-activated carbon as a catalyst, leading to a yield of glucose as excessive as 88%, that is one of many optimum yields ever said. The characterization of carbon fabrics has indicated that susceptible acid websites at the catalyst advertise the response, that is markedly varied from mentioned catalytic structures that require powerful acids. furthermore, the 1st catalytic transformation of chitin with retention of N-acetyl teams has been built. the mix of mechanocatalytic hydrolysis and thermal solvolysis allows the creation of N-acetylated monomers in sturdy yields of as much as 70%. The catalytic platforms proven during this thesis are distinctive within the fields of either chemistry and chemical engineering, and their excessive efficiencies can give a contribution to eco-friendly and sustainable chemistry sooner or later. in the meantime, mechanistic reports in accordance with characterization, thermodynamics, kinetics, and version reactions have additionally been played to bare the jobs of catalysts in the course of the reactions. the implications should be worthwhile for readers to layout and increase new catalysts and response systems.

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In this reaction, hydrogen species is provided by oxidation of a reducing end, and thus hydrogen sources such as H2 gas and 2-propanol are not required. 1 Chitin Property of Chitin Chitin is the most abundant nitrogen-containing biomass and its annual production by crustaceans in oceans is 1011 tons [188]. The structure of the chitin molecule is the same as that of cellulose except for a functional group at C2 position (Fig. 22); 26 1 General Introduction Fig. 22 Structure of chitin C2 in chitin coordinates to an acetamido group instead of a hydroxyl group.

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