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A Species In Denial is Jeremy Griffith's definitive paintings at the human situation after 30 years writing at the topic. Foreword through Templeton Prize profitable biologist, Charles Birch. Addresses the crux factor of the human , our potential for solid and evil, describing how people have coped with the problem through dwelling in denial of it. The booklet then explains the organic cause of the human situation, finishing the denial and maturing humanity to mental freedom. Examines technology, faith, politics, psychiatry, mythology, women and men.

There is an creation to the topic of the human after which 4 amazing essays: interpreting Plato's Cave Allegory, Resignation, Bringing Peace to the struggle among the Sexes and the Denial-Free background Of The Human Race, The Demystification of faith. The e-book concludes with a quick profile of the basis for Humanity's maturity, a non-profit agency dedicated to selling this new frontier of pondering, written through international well known mountaineer and two times honoured Order of Australia recipient, FHA Director Tim Macartney-Snape AM.

A Species In Denial has develop into a bestseller in Australia the place it has generated terribly confident responses from eminent humans and the general public

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The biblical prophets Isaiah and Christ were two such fortunate people and both encountered the ‘deaf effect’ response to their unevasive, denialfree, human-condition-confronting, truthful words. ” This people’s heart has become calloused [alienated]; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes’ (Bible, New International Version, 1978, Isaiah 6:9,10, footnote). Christ similarly said, ‘why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say…The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God [you live in denial of the Godly, meaningful, cooperative ideals of life and the associated issue of the human condition]’ (John 8:43– 47).

In this sense there is now, as Amos prophesied and Laing recognised, a ‘famine of hearing’ anything that brings into focus humans’ apparent lack of compliance with ‘the Lord’, which is the cooperative state. In Homer’s Greek legend, The Odyssey (composed sometime in the 9th century BC), the prophet Teiresias predicted that Odysseus (or ‘Ulysses’ in the later Roman version), on his return to Ithaca after the Trojan War, would have to undertake one final journey into a desperately barren land. ’ The sea is a metaphor for humans’ original innocent instinctive A Species In Denial — Introduction 36 self or soul that, as is explained in Beyond and referred to in essays in this book, became repressed with the emergence of our conscious self.

As mentioned earlier, this practice of positive stoicism was the essence of our species’ bravery, but the point here is that it has masked the true extent of alienation in humans from themselves. The following quote from a review of Stanley Cohen’s 2001 book, States of Denial: Knowing about Atrocities and Suffering, describes humans’ inability to face the extent of the devastation of the world around them. It also provides another illustration of humans’ capacity for denial of unconfrontable realities, acknowledging that ‘denial has become the condition of our times’ and alienation is a ‘wholesale pathology’ in our society.

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