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By Anthea Trodd

A survey of the differences of Edwardian writing and the way they healthy into literary and cultural swap. This publication covers writers akin to Conrad, Forster, Wells, Bennett, Shaw, Kipling, Tressell, Hardy, Yeats and Woolf. Modernists corresponding to Lawrence and Mansfield also are integrated. the writer combines literary feedback of writing within the Edwardian interval with cultural tests (for instance, she examines imperialism and patriarchy), and units her paintings in an ancient context.

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For others, Hardy, James, Yeats, it was one phase in a long career. Many of the new writers associated with modernism published their first works in this period. These works belong to the history of modernism, but their part in the Edwardian debate about the rejection of Victorian forms and beliefs requires some mention. The particular rejection expressed in the work of the women writers who began publishing towards the end of the period requires more extensive attention; it offers some explanation for the marginality of women's writing in this period.

Chapter 2 looks at the literature of imperialism, the dominant ideology of the period, at the search for narrative forms to explore the psychological significance of imperialism, and the anticipation of later debates about the post-imperialist crisis of national identity. Chapter 3 discusses the attempts to describe an alternative, non-imperial, 'English' identity, which drew on the methods of the Victorian social panoramic novel, and on the imagery of rural life, to conduct a debate about which groups were to be considered representatively 'English'.

The Boer War, with its early military failures, its controversial policies, including the pioneering of concentration camps and its provocation of jingoistic mass disorder, or mafficking, on the streets of Britain, called into question accepted notions of that character. Britain's claim to moral superiority was lost on a Europe largely sympathetic to the Boers. 12 Shaw, in the pamphlet Fabianism and Empire, 1900, urged on socialists the long-term advantages of an imperialist phase. Another significant marker in the definition of national character came when the Aliens Act of 1905 formalised a new national sense of apartness.

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