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By David Conway

Examines the heritage of immigration to Britain, and notes that the small numbers occupied with the earlier allowed for the neighborhood tradition to succeed. present tendencies of huge scale immigration could switch that.

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William, however, succeeded in persuading the Pope of his version of events who himself was less than happy with the degree of independence from his ecclesiastical authority that the church in England had lately been showing, and who therefore had reasons of his own for wanting a form of regime‐change there that would bring its church closer to Rome. William managed to persuade the Pope to decree that, in refusing to acknowledge and honour his oath of fealty to William, Harold had forfeited his title to the English throne.

The majority of Ulster’s present–day population might well descend from ancestors who first settled there only after it had become a province of England.  Moreover, they came to Ulster either from England or Scotland.  Nor were the majority of these sixteenth and seventeenth century settlers in Ulster themselves descendants of immigrants to Britain. This is because, in the vast majority of their cases, their ancestors would have been resident in Britain since before any part of it had become a state or part of one, and hence before any settlers in Britain who had come from elsewhere can rightly be considered immigrants to Britain.

12 Within half a century, however, it had fallen drastically as a result of the arrival to its shores of a most unwelcome new visitor.  It quickly reduced its population by a third and it remained low for the next century‐and‐a‐half. It has been estimated that, in the early part of the sixteenth century, Britain’s population was not much above half of what it had been at the start of the fourteenth century. ’ 13 Part of the reason Britain’s population failed to grow for over a hundred and fifty years following the Black Death of 1381 was a recurrence of outbreaks of similar diseases.

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