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By D. W. G. Ballentyne B.Sc., Ph.D., F.Inst.P., D. R. Lovett M.Sc., A.R.C.S., D.I.C., Ph.D., M.Inst.P. (auth.)

The layout of this variation is still unchanged from prior versions however the majority of entries have got a few revision. specifically, devices at the moment are in SI devices at any place attainable, even though with convinced of the classical entries this isn't attainable. Chemical terminology has proved a selected challenge. we've stored the typical names for natural compounds as a result of the vast readership of this ebook yet we've got additional an additional desk giving the an identical systematic names and the formulae. we've got attempted to prevent omission of any named results and legislation that experience vast utilization. however, with a purpose to preserve the e-book to a achievable size, it's been essential to make a choice one of the much less commonplace phrases and it's inevitable that a few arbitrary offerings and omissions has to be made. a few entries from previous versions were omitted to make room for different entries which we believe became extra vital. we're particularly thankful to these readers who've mentioned prior omissions. D.W.G.B. Imperial university, Uni!.:ersity of London D.R.L.

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Blagden's Law The fact that a dissolved substance depresses the freezing point of water has been known for many years. In 1771 R. Watson observed that the time a solution took to freeze was proportional to the concentration. That the depression of freezing point is proportional to the concentration of the dissolved substance was observed by C. Blagden in 1788 and F. Rudorf in 1861. Blanc Rule A generalization that states: whereas succinic and glutaric acids YIeld cyclic anhydrides on pyrolysis, adipic and pimelic acids yield cyclic ketones.

See also Talbot's Law. Bode's Law Bode stated that, if the distance of Mercury from the Sun is taken as 4. the corresponding distances of the other planets would be given, in the same units, as: Venus 4 + 3, the Earth 4 + 6, Mars 4 + 12, Asteroids 4+24, Jupiter 4+48, Saturn 4+96 and Uranus 4+ 192. Neptune however, which should lie according to Bode's law at a distance of 388 from the Sun, was found to be in fact 300 units away. Sometimes called the Titius-Bode law. 28 Bohr's Theory Bodroux-Chichibabin Reaction A method of synthesizing aldehydes in which reaction occurs between ethyl orthoformate and a Grignard reagent (see Grignard Reaction) containing the alkyl group required in the aldehyde.

5. + 1 -1 + ... , the method obtains a Ceva's Theorem If three concurrent straight lines are drawn from the vertices A, Band C of a triangle to meet the opposite sides (produced ifnecessaryj at P, - - Q and R respectively, then the product AR. BP. CQ of three alternate segments taken in order is equal to the product - - RB . PC . QA of the other three. 4 solar masses. The limit arises because the larger the white-dwarf star, the closer it packs; the upper mass limit is set by how close the atoms can be compressed together without producing a neutron star, where the protons and electrons are forced to combine by the gravitational pressure.

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