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C. SWINBURNE 39 22. Tintagel in Tudor Times THis castle hath been a marvellous strong and notable fortress, and almost situ loci inexpugnabile, especially for the dungeon that is on a great and high terrible crag environed with the sea, but having a drawbridge from the residue of the castle on to it. The residue of the buildings of the castle be sore weather-beaten and in ruin, but it hath been a large thing. The castle had by likelihood three wards, wherof two be worn away with gulfing in of the sea, in so much that it hath made there almost an isle, and no way is to enter into it now but by long elm trees laid for a bridge.

Also there remaineth in the isle a ground quadrant walled as it were a garden plot; and by this wall appear the ruins of a vault. •• Also about Camelford, are certain old mines, wrought in times past, but of what metal it is now unknown. Within a mile above that poor village south runneth the river that goeth into the Severn Sea at Padstow, and it is the greatest river on the north side of Cornwall, and is called in the common speech there, Dunmere/ and in the king's grant of privilege to the Canons of Bodmin and the burgesses of the same town, Alan, it may fortune for Alaune.

There is a court walled round with open iron gates and bars. The entrance is up a few stone steps into a large high hall and so to a passage that leads foreright up a good staircase. On the right side is a large common parlour for constant eating in, from whence goes a little room for smoking that has a back way into the kitchen, and on the left hand is a great parlour and drawing-room-wainscotted all very well, but plain. The great parlour is cedar; out of it is the drawing-room, which is hung with pictures of the family, that goes into the garden, which has gravel walks round and across, but the squares are full of gooseberry and shrub trees and looks more like a kitchen garden, as Lady Mary Boscawen told me, out of which is another garden and orchard, which is something like a grove-green walks with rows of fruit trees.

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