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From the intense distance such a lot of our meals travels to arrive our tables to the amazing advantages of consuming tomatoes, John Farndon exhibits the fantastic, usually surprising, fact in the back of the nutrition we consume. protecting every little thing from the large companies that keep an eye on foodstuff creation world wide to the risks of foodstuff dyes, this ebook finds the complicated evidence in the back of the easiest of nutrition. discover simply what GM meals is and why you could consume it unknowingly, how nutrition will get its flavour, how a few meals are usually not relatively as nutritious as they need to be, how bringing unique meals on your desk could actually be costing the Earth, and masses extra. this can be an important consultant to the proof in the back of foodstuff, the only very important factor on your existence in addition to air and water - and the world's greatest company.

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Some believe it developed in several places, such as Sweden, where lactose tolerance is very high, while others think it developed from a single source in the Middle East about 6,500 years ago. However it arose, the result was that most people in northwestern Europe can drink milk and eat dairy products throughout their lives without any problems, with clear health benefits. About 1 in 20 northern Europeans are lactose intolerant, but the proportion rises to half for Indians, two-thirds for South Americans, over 90% for Chinese and 100% for American Indians.

In the UK, the Pesticides Residue Committee estimated that over 40% of fruit and vegetables sold contain significant amounts of pesticide. The Food Standards Agency argues that none of the pesticides individually are usually present in levels known to be hazardous to health. But pesticides are very rarely used singly. Most contaminated produce contains a cocktail of pesticides applied to ward off a range of different pests, and no one really knows what effect this could have when consumed over long periods.

Research has not yet proved conclusive, but there are many who argue that the same health benefits can be achieved more certainly by eating a diet rich in fibre, which has the same benefits for digestion as are claimed for probiotics. In the gut of healthy adults, 10–15% of bacteria are friendly. But when the diet is low in fibre, or high in fat, the population can become depleted. Professor Glenn Gibson, head of food biosciences at Reading University, says that only 8% of the UK P 26 • 101 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FOOD population eat enough fruit and vegetables, for instance, to give their digestive system the fibre it needs to keep the bacterial flora in balance.

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