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By Ahmad A. Kamal

This publication essentially caters to the wishes of undergraduates and graduates physics scholars within the region of classical physics, specifically Classical Mechanics and electrical energy and Electromagnetism. teachers/ Tutors might use it as a source ebook. The contents of the booklet are according to the syllabi at the moment utilized in the undergraduate classes in united states, U.K., and different international locations. The booklet is split into 15 chapters, each one bankruptcy starting with a quick yet sufficient precis and helpful formulation and Line diagrams by means of numerous usual difficulties priceless for assignments and assessments. targeted ideas are supplied on the finish of every bankruptcy.

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Let the man be initially at B, below the lamp, his height being equal to BD = h, so that the tip of his shadow is at B. Let the man walk from B to F in time t with speed v, the shadow will go up to C in the same time t with speed v : Fig. 8 = 98 m. 8 Take the origin at the position of A at t = 0. Let the car A overtake B in time t after travelling a distance s. 9 s. 9 Let BD = x. 0 Total time t = t1 + t2 = (2) x 2 + (600)2 + 800 − x 2 (3) Minimum time is obtained by setting dt/dx = 0. 4 m. 6 m away from the destination on the road.

Since it is assumed that v = 0 at t = 0, it follows that c = g. 23 The equation of motion is d2 x dx 2 = g−k 2 dt dt dv = g − kv 2 dt 1 dv =t +c ∴ g k − v2 k writing V 2 = ln (1) (2) (3) g and integrating k V +v = 2kV (t + c) V −v (4) If the body starts from rest, then c = 0 and V +v 2gt = 2kV t = V −v V V +v V ln ∴ t= 2g V − v ln (5) which gives the time required for the particle to attain a velocity υ = 0. e. v = V tanh gt V (7) The last equation gives the velocity υ after time t. 3 Solutions 25 no additive constant being necessary since x = 0 when t = 0.

Let M be the mass of the rod and 2M be attached at A. Take torques about C Fig. 30 2M x = M L −x 2 ∴x= L 6 Thus the rod should be struck at a distance L 6 from the loaded end. 52 Volume of the cone, V = 13 π R 2 h where R is the radius of the base and h is its height, Fig. 31. The volume element at a depth z below the apex is dV = πr 2 dz, the mass element dm = ρdV = πr 2 dz f Fig. 31 dm = ρdv = ρπr 2 dz z h h = ∴ dz = dr r R R For reasons of symmetry, the centre of mass must lie on the axis of the cone.

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